PSC has developed a fundamentally new approach for manufacturing Silicon Carbide (SiC) and SiC alloys. It overcomes the hurdles that until now prevented a much more widespread use of these amazing materials. Doors are now open for developing a wide range of applications in many fields. PSC Technologies first focuses on 3D printing.

Silicon  Carbide in theory:
amazing properties – ideal for clean tech in many fields

Combination of two of the most abundant elements on earth:

     SILICON – the basis of sand, glass, of modern electronics and informatics

     CARBON – the basis of all life and modern organic chemistry

Amazing properties:

  • nearly as hard as diamond, light as aluminium
  • very strong, abrasion resistant, good gliding properties
  • does not melt, heat resistant up to 2000°
  • excellent heat conductivity, very low thermal expansion
  • corrosion resistant, chemically extremely stable
  • semiconductor, ideal for power electronics
  • large bandgap, high switching frequency


Silicon Carbide in practice:
difficult to handle, expensive – used for special purposes

Mechanical use

  • no melting, no casting, no massive pieces
  • variety of sintered materials available: multi-stage process, limited strength, residual porosity
  • cumbersome shaping of sinter material: machining with diamond, 3D printing of SiC powder followed by sintering > limitations
  • complex processes, high costs
  • despite high costs: slowly increasing use for special applications

Electronic use

  • high purity only with complex processes
  • nitrogen content restricts range of electronic applications
  • high investments, high costs
  • despite high costs: SiC is the coming semiconductor in power electronics, replaces silicon, multi-billion investments


PSC changes the game:
widespread use of SiC becomes possible

  • Synthesis and final shaping in one process
  • Wide choice of SiC alloys
  • Few process steps
  • nitrogen-free semiconductor, easy doping
  • cubic 3C-SiC lattice structure


The first application:
3D printing of SiC alloys in one step